A journalist in the Jeffersonian tradition, Naresh sets out with courage and confidence to afflict the comfortable and to comfort the afflicted. A searching curiosity and big heart match his fierce intelligence. Naresh stands as a powerful antidote to the sorry state of reporting today.

Bill Ayers

Former Leader, Weather Underground

Naresh knows how to test the wind, isn’t afraid to get his feet wet, and does what it takes to make things happen.

Chris Langan

Subject of the Book Outliers, Highest IQ in the World

Naresh is a top student who has already shown his ability to succeed in business. He is a proactive individual, a real doer.

Robert L Bradley, Jr

Founder & CEO of the Institute for Energy Research, Former Speechwriter to Ken Lay and Director of Public Policy at Enron

I do more than 1,000 media interviews per year. I know a good producer when I see one. Naresh is one of the best.

Wayne Allyn Root

2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

A wise man once said that all you have is your name and your word and that honesty, trust and respect is the construct to any successful endeavor. Naresh is well on his way to building that foundation.

Todd Harrison

Founder & Former CEO, Minyanville Media

I love being interviewed by Naresh because he is incredibly well-prepared. I admire the respect he shows his audience by making his pieces interesting and worthwhile.

Larry Kramer

Former Publisher of USA Today and President & CEO of TheStreet, Founder of MarketWatch

Naresh is one of the most talented youngsters in the country. His work is professional and extraordinary. I’ve worked with the best journalists in America, and Naresh can hold his own against any of them.

Dr Boyce Watkins

Founder, Your Black World Coalition

Naresh was a genius at getting high-profile guests to come on our programs. He is extremely intelligent and brought unbelievable amounts of energy and dedication to our efforts.

Porter Stansberry

Founder of Stansberry Research, and Host at The Stansberry Radio Network and Stansberry Investor Hour