Naresh shares his story about how and why he left the corporate world to start his own business on the Corporate Escapees podcast!

After a short stint on Wall Street for one of the largest financial institutions on the planet, Naresh realized corporate life was not for him. He then worked at a small business, realizing working for anyone wasn’t for him either.

Naresh believes in honesty and speaking one’s mind. The freedom to work with people who are aligned with his values is a key benefit to running his own business. There are some cons to entrepreneurship and small business ownership, but he loves what he does and openly shares his thoughts in this broad-ranging discussion!

– Why you need the right personality to run your own business – it is not for everyone
– Why you should have a side hustle before you leave corporate
– The traps of social media and how to avoid them
– The importance of having your own e-mail list and why
– Killer tips on how to get LinkedIn connections to your e-mail list
– The importance of sleep
– How to create a mobile office