Digital Liberals Made 2016 the Year of Trump: A Look Into Naresh Vissa’s “Trumpbook”

The monkey’s out. My latest book has hit #1 in multiple bestseller categories DESPITE BEING BANNED by book promoters.

Did you know Donald Trump ran for President in 2000 on a Reform platform of HillaryCare and Oprah as his VP? The reason he didn’t win is because no one paid attention to him.

I joined the Wealth Standard Radio with Patrick Donohoe to discuss why my latest book is raising eyebrows and getting people fired up… to the point that several book promoters have silenced my book.

TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced a Nation Into Making America Hate Again describes how Trump detractors got him elected.

During the conversation, I share how I came to write the book, how Trump used Marketing & Copywriting 101 to get people’s attention, and the backlash and censorship I’ve endured in publishing and promoting this book.